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Dog bites can be devastating injuries. We offer compassionate and attentive service to our clients with injuries from dogs. Call to see why I should be your dog bite lawyer.

COMPASSION: A dog attack lawyer that cares. It is hard for people to understand how difficult it is for the victims of dog bites and dog attacks. Many victims of dog bites develop PTSD and require surgery and hospitalization. This takes a toll, and medical bills can pile up. Having a sympathetic and attentive dog bite attorney can make all the difference at a difficult time in life.


Justice: Use Arizona law to your advantage. The owner of the dog is supposed to pay for the people it bites. Arizona has both a dog bite statute and a dog at large statute. If the dog that caused your injuries was outside without a leash, the owner may be liable, even if the dog did not bite you. I would love to be the accident lawyer who helps you find healing through justice.


No Fee Unless You Win: You pay us nothing up front. We only get paid if you get money for your case. Your consultation is free and no obligation. If we don’t recover money from you, you pay us nothing. Call to see how a no fee unless you win personal injury lawyer can help you.


I CAN HELP YOU: Whether you are looking for personal injury attorney near me, auto accident attorneys near me, a motorcycle accident lawyer, a bicycle accident lawyer, a bus accident attorney, or semi-truck car accident lawyer, I would love to talk to you and discuss why our Gilbert law firm is the right east valley law firm to help you in your situation.

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