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Each auto accident case is unique and complex. You need a car accident lawyer who works closely with his clients to prove your case and maximize case value.

EACH AUTO ACCIDENT CASE IS UNIQUE AND COMPLEX: When you are hurt in an accident, they are required to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other out of pocket expenses. But they are also required to pay for the pain, discomfort, suffering, disability, disfigurement, and anxiety caused by the accident, past and future, in addition to loss of enjoyment and participation in life’s activities. It’s important to work closely with your car accident attorney to document all of your damages so that we can prove your case to the fullest extent. I would love to discuss your car accident legal advice in a free consultation.


MAXIMIZING CASE VALUE: Once you settle your case, hospitals, health insurance companies, and sometimes the government, will try to eat up your settlement, sometimes trying to leave you with nothing. Most cases have valid liens for the medical treatment provided to the injured person. However, many of these liens are subject to reductions under the law, which puts more money in your pocket. Your accident attorney must review each lien for potential reductions to maximize case value for our clients. Working with a vehicle accident lawyer who knows the lien law and negotiates your liens can put more money in your pocket.


NO FEE UNLESS YOU WIN: You pay us nothing up front. We only get paid if you get money for your case. Your consultation is free and no obligation. If we don’t recover money from you, you pay us nothing. Call to see how a no fee unless you win car accident law firm can help you.


I CAN HELP YOU: Whether you are looking for personal injury attorney near me, auto accident attorneys near me, a motorcycle accident lawyer, a bicycle accident lawyer, a bus accident attorney, or semi-truck car accident lawyer, I would love to talk to you and discuss why our Gilbert law firm is the right east valley law firm to help you in your situation.

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