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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law in Phoenix, AZ

If a negligent party inflicted harm on you, then you could explore your options under personal injury law at the Matt Palmer Law Firm, PLC. With our local representation out of Phoenix, AZ, you'll have the support that you need to file court papers and communicate your claim to a responsible party.

We Understand Insurance Jargon

As our client, you'll have us to meet with an insurance adjuster. We'll study the applicable policy and identify the coverage amounts that you could have a right to claim. We'll push back against unsatisfactory offers and pursue damages that accurately reflect your costs.

Building Your Case

With our personal attention on your case, we'll work hard to present a complete picture of the recklessness that led to your accident. We have access to independent investigators and professionals who could provide testimony. We'll strive to uncover evidence of the other party's negligence and describe the extent of your injuries and financial hardships.

Helping to protect your rights will be our goal. The Matt Palmer Law Firm, PLC represents accident victims from Phoenix & Surrounding Areas, AZ. To learn more about personal injury law, call our office today.


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