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Auto Accident Law

Accident Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

After a car crash, slip and fall, or animal attack, your injuries might make dealing with a court or insurance company burdensome. An accident attorney from the Matt Palmer Law Firm, PLC could handle the administrative details and necessary conversations for you. Our office is a source of local representation for injured people throughout Phoenix & Surrounding Areas, AZ.

Evidence Gathering

We'll take on the tasks of documenting your accident experience. We'll assemble photographs of the accident scene and consult accident reconstruction professionals when necessary. This additional testimony might provide crucial information, like the speed of vehicles before a crash. We'll file all of this evidence with the court.

Settlement Negotiations

We'll give your case our personal attention. We'll tally your current costs for medical and rehabilitative care and lost income, and we can also estimate long-term expenses associated with disability if necessary.

As soon as you talk to our accident attorney, we'll get to work in an effort to protect your rights. The Matt Palmer Law Firm, PLC is located in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today.


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